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we are a guild from the private server The Murloc Village
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 your DKP system

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PostSubject: your DKP system   Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:19 pm

so, i read your thread on the DKP system you fellas are thinking about implimenting into the guild loot disturibution methods.

anyway, im sure most of you think that getting EVERY SINGLE MEMBER to download a DKP addon, and then getting it up and running would be a pain in the ass, especially for a private server guild. so i thought id give you a very easy solution to this that requires no addons at all.

most of you in this guild are fairly new to this server, and most of you that are in Method werent in BubbleBoys guild <Feelin Hordey>

well, in Feelin Hordey we went about using a form of DKP system which involved "CAKES" and "PIES". the way this went about is as followed.

Kill one boss in a raid - you get 1 CAKE
Kill 10 bosses over the course of multiple raids, or maybe eve one raid - these 10 cakes you've collected get turned into 1 PIE.

The tabs for the number of CAKES you have, or PIES would be kept in the OFFICERS NOTE section of the guild. For Example it could say.

Nazgul - 3 PIES-4CAKES

then, whoever being the ML in the raid at the time would decide which items would be used for DKP bidding. (Usually only rare drops would be used for DKP, e.g Brutallizer, Council loot, t6 etc.)

so ya, hope this helps you guys out. It worked very well when i was in Feelin Hordey, and im thinking about using it myself in my own guild for certain bosses.
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PostSubject: Re: your DKP system   Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:21 pm

well, we can just set the DKP in the officer note, that would be like the same way FH did it then, but just with regular name, I'll talk about it with nazgul Smile thanks for the advice!

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your DKP system
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